May I introduce…

13 05 2011

… myself – taddaa! 🙂

I’m Ralf. 29 years old. I work for ARS in Munich/Germany as a consultant, trainer and developer dealing with Java EE and OSGi topics. I’m a contributor to the Rich Ajax Platform.

Why do I tell you? I’m going to share my experiences with JavaEE and OSGi (both standalone and combined) and I think it would be nice for you to know a little bit about the person behind the scenes.

Currently, I’m experiencing the OSGi feature of WebSphere Application Server as a runtime of Equinox based applications (like RAP). Once I tested it out, I’ll post my results here.

So stay tuned and enjoy! 😉 See you soon.




2 responses

1 11 2012

Well, its interesting for me why a german guy write all this stuff in english, while he is working and living in germany ? 🙂 The other thing is why this blog has name of Zahn Blog ? I searched for websites with theme Zahn and find this programmer site. So i am wondering about, but the reason is i think that Zahn is really your name or ?

3 11 2012

Why do I write my posts in English? Well, as you said; it’s a “programmer site”. In general, my aim is a wider audience.
And Zahn is my name, that’s correct. What did you expect while searching for such a common word like “Zahn”?

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